Friday, August 20, 2010


Justin and I went to Galveston for a babymoon a couple weekends ago. Apparently I can't get enough of Galveston, I'm down there several times throughout the year. When we went for Mardi Gras back in March we stayed at the Escapes condos. They are really nice condos, I highly recommend staying there. Anyway, we decided to stay at the Escapes again for our babymoon. While we were there I thought it would be a great idea to document "where it all went down" back in March ;) LOL I know too much information. So...this is where we stayed in March..haha!
We went to the boardwalk in Kemah on Friday night. I somehow managed not to take any pictures :( It was a lot of fun though, that place has really grown since I was there last. Saturday we hung out at the beach, which of course is my favorite thing to do. I'm always on the hunt for shark's teeth and seashells. The beach was really clean this time, very little seaweed, which was nice. I found a ton of shells, but no shark's teeth.
You know I have to eat at Shrimp n Stuff when I'm in Galveston. Amazing catfish people! Seriously you have to try it, it's to die for. I could eat it everyday! It's a hole in the wall place at 39th & Avenue o. Stop by there if you get a chance, you'll thank me :)

It was a wonderful babymoon, I didn't want it to end. I'm so thankful the hubby and I had the opportunity to get away for some alone time before Layne gets here ;) We don't have too much longer before we are a family of three!

Good Times with Good Friends

I just love this picture! Here are my two besties, Shelly and Lindsey. We took some pictures before we went to dinner the other night. We go to La Fiesta when Linz comes in town, it's a great tradition and a guaranteed good time ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Bump 22-27 weeks

I think it's safe to say that my baby bump is definitely!
It scares me to think how much bigger it is actually going to get, it's already so tight ;) Layne is extremely active at night, always moving around and poking me. I guess he is going to be a night owl like his mama. I'll take that over a morning person any day, ha!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nautical Nursery

Here is a little preview of what's to come! Layne's nursery is going to be nautical! I love love love it so much!

This is the quilt, which you can personalize.

How adorable is the mobile?!

Precious little pillow, again that you can that!
I ordered everything...shocking I know (insert sarcasm here) ;) Now I am waiting for Justin to move out the guest bedroom furniture. The nursery furniture is waiting for us to pick up in Houston, but we are waiting until we (we as in Justin) get the room painted. I didn't order the crib in the picture, "PBK's white" is not a stark white. I wanted stark white furniture for his nursery, it makes the bedding "pop". I'll post pics as soon as we get it finished!
I'm still on the hunt for a glider. I want a navy blue glider with white you know how hard it is to find that! Best Chairs has one navy option, but it's so dark it looks almost black. PBK has a great navy, but it is really expensive. I have yet to talk Justin into buying it, but here's hoping! So if you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I'm running out of time to get one ordered ;)