Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Have A Name!

Layne Marshall Buenger

I must say it is really hard to pick a boy name, at least it was for me. Justin and I tossed around a couple different names, but we both really liked Layne. So, we decided to go with it for his first name. We are using Marshall as his middle name, because that is Justin's middle name. So there you have it, Layne Marshall Buenger it is!

It's funny to me all the random scenarios I ran through my head while deciding on a name...for example:

What would our Christmas card look like? Does this name sound sophisticated? Will this name look good monogrammed on everything, such as clothes, halloween buckets, backpacks, bags, blankets, and more clothes (I'm obsessed with monogramming). Does it flow with our names? What would his name look like printed on a wedding invitation? (Mine is hanging on the fridge, that's where that thought came from) And..."Layne Buenger is up to bat next". LOL! Seriously who does this?!

Then I had to write his name on sticky notes and post them all over the house...places like the fridge, back door, and bathroom mirror. I needed a visual to make the final decision :) Justin kept asking me why I put sticky notes everywhere, HA!

It's official now...we love the name and we can't wait to meet our precious Layne Marshall!

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