Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Let me start off by saying I have a huge fear of spiders. It's not the small ones in corners that bother me, it's the huge spiders that will creep in under the door that I can't stand. the other night at 1:00 a.m. I let Callie and Bleu out to pee. Callie prefers that I walk out into the grass with her, so I do. Well, they do their business and we come back inside. I got back in the bed and started checking my Facebook on my iPhone. Then, I feel something by my hip...
I get out of bed pull my pajama pants down and there it is, the mother of ALL spiders! Just a little side note here, I didn't have underwear on (they are not comfy to sleep in), which in my mind makes this situation even worse. Hello! It was by my hip, which means it crawled all the way up my pant leg! Eww!!
I strip down and run for the dust buster. The Dyson DC31 is my weapon of choice. I don't want to kill the spiders or touch them, so I suck them up in the dust buster then dump them in the yard. No touching required, very nice!

Anyway...I run back to my bedroom pantless with my weapon locked and loaded. Now, thank goodness the spider didn't run off, it was still in my pants. Here's the problem...that spider was so big it wouldn't suck up into the dust buster! Are you kidding me! I fought with that thing for 10 minutes trying to get it sucked up. Keep in mind it was running from me, hiding underneath the towels I had on the floor for the dog. At one point I lost it...great. I start to panic, because I am not about to stay in my house with that spider running around. So the search continued...all the sudden it crawled out the end of my dust buster! Holy Crap!

Another side note husband was asleep in the bed through all of my screaming. Seriously! How is that even possible?! And...thanks for the help!

The spider fell to the floor...lots of praying going on at this point! Please let me get this nasty thing back in this dust buster! Thank the Lord I got it back in there! This time I held down the suction and ran outside. The dust buster had to stay outside that night until Justin could break it down and make dang sure that spider wasn't in there somewhere, because it was not it the container. Again...that's how big it was!

Now I refuse to walk in the grass at night...never again.

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