Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider - Part 2

As if I haven't had enough spider drama in my life...the saga continues.

Justin and I have been talking about getting a concrete bird bath to put in our backyard for awhile now. We pass a huge concrete place in Hempstead when we drive to Galveston. Since we were headed there for a mini vacation we decided to stop on the way back to see what they have in stock.

This place is huge, they have everything from giant concrete chickens to little concrete wiener dogs. Justin wouldn't let me get one of these, because our house is slowly turning into a wiener dog shrine ;) Seriously though, what is someone going to do with a giant chicken? That will look real good in your front yard...uh no.

Anyway, we walked around this place while it was 100 degrees out. Of course I don't see anything I like that's already put together, so I have to piece together my own creation. That was a task, it's not real organized out there. Justin and the workers didn't really appreciate having to lift heavy concrete over and over. I have to have a visual am I supposed to know if the top looks too big for the pedestal? Put it on there, let me see it put together! :)

After we made the final decision I headed to the bathroom, since this preggo lady has to pee all the time. When I was washing my hands I noticed something crawling on my purse. Seriously again! It was one of those black and white hairy jumping spiders! I threw my purse on the counter and it flew off. I grabbed my purse and darted out the door. Sorry ladies, I wasn't killing it and I didn't have my dust buster! I had to leave it crawling on the bathroom counter, I was already at my limit with spiders.

After the bird bath was loaded we headed home...

We stopped by my parents house to pick up Callie, while we were there I wanted to show them our latest purchase. I opened the back to my tahoe and once again I am faced with a ginormous spider! Inside the base of my bird bath...this is where it gets a Black Widow!

At this point I don't understand why this keeps happening to me. That's a lot of spider encounters in less then a week!
So back to the serious problem at hand...there is a black widow in my car. Keep in mind, it traveled with us all the way from Hempstead, that's like 2 hours! Now you have to there more than one, were there babies! Holy crap there is an extremely poisonous spider in my car!
We hurry home...Justin unloads everything, nothing is allowed in the house until it is thoroughly inspected. He assess the situation on the pedestal, the spider has not moved. However! He discovers legs of what was probably its mate and two baby spiders. Great. Now I have to worry if there are baby black widows in my car?!
Justin checked our luggage and everything else that was in the car, he doesn't see anything. Thank the Lord! He then vacuums the car and sprays it with "spider killer". Hopefully, that killed anything that happened to crawl away!
Now, with three spider attacks under my belt, I've had a belly full. I had to form a plan of action immediately! Let me introduce you to my new best friend...
They came out on Wednesday to spray the house and the yard. They also guaranteed that I wouldn't see anything else. If I do happen to see something they will come back out. Well Mr. Terminx, if I do see something don't worry, I will call you and you will be coming back out! I know that the other two spider issues were a freak thing, but I'm not taking any chances. The Terminx man was a must ;)

I'm proud to say that so far (fingers crossed) I haven't seen anything. YAY!

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