Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Bump 16-21 weeks

I'm still trying to play catch up ;) Here are my baby bump pictures from 16 to 21 weeks. At week 20 I started having issues fitting into my clothes. That made for good times when I was trying to get ready to go somewhere. I had clothes thrown everywhere! My shirts were too tight or my boobs were hanging out! Then I couldn't get my pants to button or they looked too tight...I'm still hoping it's not my butt getting bigger ;) So I was left with dresses, they worked, thank goodness. I had to do some emergency shopping for a new headed I to the local maternity stores. That was interesting to say the least, but now I have something to wear ;)

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Mandi said...

You are getting so close to being all caught up! I'm so proud :)