Friday, March 6, 2009

This Is Not A Chew Toy!

Well Callie did it this time! She never chews on my things, well at she hasn't since she was a puppy. I have lost a couple pairs of heels to her. Those were some really good looking Steve Maddens. So today, I'm getting ready and discover my hat is missing. Now keep in mind this is my favorite hat, I've had it for years! It's very hard for me to find a hat I like, because it has to fit perfect (I'm anal like that). It's not where I normally keep it, obviously hanging on the door knob was not the best place for it. Callie has a hiding spot in the closet where she will drag my socks, toys, and whatever else she feels like stockpiling while I'm gone. So I check there, low and behold there it was. I was praying when I pulled it out from behind the clothes that everything was intact, but it was not. Callie had chewed the strap in half! I couldn't believe it, I was not happy about this. So here I am already running late, ready to walk out the door and I have no hat. I didn't do my hair today so the hat was a must. The problem now, how am I going to fix this, I don't have a back up?! Electrical tape! That will have to do, as redneck as that is I was desperate. So here is the before and after. It looks real nice, let me tell ya. Now I'm on the hunt for a new hat. Yea.


Dawn said...

Yowell I can not believe you taped the hat. I'm gonna have to be on the look out because I can't have you walking around with black tape holding your hat together! Too funny!

cookie said...

Callie should come and play with the other dogs.
And can we say redneck! You can use one of my hats. Ha