Friday, February 6, 2009

Snow Bunny

Well here we are! The skiing is fabulous, we had so much fun today! The mountain isn't busy at all, which is nice. There are no lines for the lifts and the runs are not crowded, love that! We took a video while we were skiing so you can get the full effect ;) Yes, that is me in the video. The adventure trail is by far my favorite! There is a bear cave, log cabin, and a mine shaft you can ski through. It had mini moguls in it, which I was not aware of when I skied through it. That made it even more exciting! It reminded me of a mini Disney World. Also, the Nikon hasn't made it up the mountain yet. We wanted to check it out first before taking the "nice" camera up. There are so many pics I plan on taking. More to come!

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Mandi said...

showoff! geez, i could do that =)