Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Voyager of the Seas

We had a great time on the cruise! I really miss lounging by the pool everyday in 80 degree weather. Everything was wonderful! Here is a list of some favorites from the cruise:
1. Adult Day Care at Night: "Shake My Balls", "Del Sol Color Changing Ring valued far less than $1,000. The memory of how we got it, Priceless", Harmonicas, "I'm Your Boy Blue", Hound Dog, "One of these things are not like the others", Little White Bull, Picked Completely at Random, and "Hi Girls!".
2. Yum Yum: Roulades, anything chocolate, 3 dessert night, cookies, Johnny Rockets, and ICE CREAM!
3. Putt Putt, Skip-Bo, Viking Crown Lounge, and Hearts Rooms
4. Naps at the Pool, People Watching, Wigs, Random Feet Pictures, and Jamaican Music
5. "Hair drying show", Ice skating show, Golf ball on a string, Pig and Whistle, and "Wind Jammer".
Here is a slide show from our cruise. Enjoy!

Click to play Cruise 2009


Shelly said...

Love it....even though watching the whole slideshow this morning before work made me a little late! Now bring me some yum yum.

Dawn said...

love the pics, your camera sure does work well! looks like you and shelly had so much fun. . . and it make me want to go to a place that is warm!