Friday, January 9, 2009


Today is day 6 of our cruise. Let me give you a quick recap of the past couple of days. Wednesday we stopped in the Caymans and did a little shopping. That night we went to the Ice Odyssey show. Yes, they have an ice skating rink on the boat. Well your never going to believe this, they asked me if I would be in the show! At the begining of the show they sat me in this throne and skated me around, then left me in the middle of the ice skating rink and skated around me. I was out there for like 10 minutes, that's a long time with a spot light on you! It was great though, I stood up and took a bow. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it, I got lots of compliments after the show. After the ice show we headed down to the Pig and Whistle for some Adult Day Care at Night. It's like a piano bar, but people from the audience sing (it's not regular kareoke). Shelly and I were asked to sing, we got stuck with Brittney Spears, Hit Me Baby One More Time. This is not our first time to sing. We sang at Adult Day Care at Night on our last cruise. Thursday was not such a great day for me, I was sick. We stopped in Jamaica that day, but I didn't get off. Now, moving on to today. Lounged by the pool all day, had some dinner, and played some SkipBo. Now we are headed down to the Pig and Whistle. I'll give more details and post some pics later, when I'm not being charged 55 cents a minute =) More to come!

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Mandi said...

that's sooo cool! i can't believe that! did shelly get a pic of you out there in all you superstar glory? i wanna see!