Monday, December 8, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

The tree is up and looking fabulous! Just look at that "fluff" job, now that's some professional fluffing! ;) That's an inside joke. I have some favorite ornaments that I wanted show yall. I buy a Starbucks ornament every year. I also buy anything dog related, shocking I know.
Starbucks 2006
Starbucks 2007
Starbucks 2008
They stopped making the snow globe ornament this year.

2007 Dog Ornament

Wiener Dog!My days as a Flight Attendant Dixie's Ornament

Rodeo Days, I miss those. Lindsey, Shelly, and I do an ornament exchange every year. This year Linz gave me a New York t-shirt ornament. We went to New York earlier this year, it's perfect to remember our trip. I decided to hang my Metro Card next to it, which looks really cute I might add.
Shelly gave this to me last year at our ornament exchange. It's so us, I love it =)
This is Callie's Stocking.

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