Monday, December 29, 2008

Doxie Christmas Gifts

I have not been able to blog about my finds on Etsy, because I bought them for my mom for Christmas. So, now let me show you =) This is a metal Dachshund yard stake, it's 9" high x 12"wide. A retired Navy vet makes them out of Oregon. He has many different designs available.
I love this doxie chalkboard! It fits perfect on the kitchen counter! It's 21" wide x 12" high. You can choose between a table or wall mount design. I put a black and white check ribbon on it's neck, super cute! They have 132 different dog breeds and other various designs. Enjoy!


cookie said...

Thank You. Love both my Doxie gifts.
Great Finds.
Love, Mom

Dawn said...

just don't write on the chalkboard!!!