Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The Waco Trib is having a Top Dawg Contest! Callie is in the running, so everyone please VOTE! It's only 10 cents a vote and we really need them! Click on Vote Now, she is number 130 at the bottom of the page. The contest benefits Newspapers In Education. First place is featured in the Waco Today and receives a professional photo shoot, professional grooming for the photo shoot, one year supply of dog food, paver brick named in honor of winning pet and owners (to be placed at the new site of Animal Birth Control Clinic), and so much more! How awesome would it be for her to be in the Waco Today! Y'all know how bad I want professional photos taken of Callie! Please vote for Callie! She is the best looking dog in the contest Paws Down!

Thank you in advance for you votes!

Barks & Kisses,


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