Monday, September 15, 2008

West End of Galveston

I have been searching for information on the the status of the west end. I have read on a couple different websites that reporters are not being allowed on the west end because it was hit the hardest? You would think that if it was hit the hardest they would show an aerial view at least! I hope this is false information. Then I found this quote, "We haven't even gotten to the west end, and I know the west end is totally devastated," City Manager Steve LeBlanc said. The city officials need to report the status, don't keep it from us! It is shady that there is no information on the west end at all. It makes you wonder what is really going on down there. I ran across an article written by a reporter who owns a house in Jamaica Beach. He stated that the row of houses and the road in front of his house were completely gone. This is not good news. Does this mean that the front row houses are gone?! These are the only pictures I have found of the west end of the island. I'm glad to see some houses standing! Thank you God! I just hope and pray that the houses further down are also standing.

This picture is of the seawall. That debris would be Murdochs, Hooters, Balinese Room, and the Mermaid Pier. Nice huh. It makes me sick!

Before and After of Crystal Beach.


I found an aerial view video of the West End! It starts at the San Luis Pass and scans the entire west end. It is kind of hard to tell the areas if you are not familiar, but at least it is something! Here is the link if you want to check it out.

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