Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take A Hike Ike! Continued....

Well, the southern eyewall was worse than the northern eyewall. The wind gust were over 100 mph. Hooters, 61st Street Pier, Balinese Room, Mermaid Pier, and Murdochs were destroyed. The Flagship Hotel driveway was washed away and part of the hotel wall is missing. I am still waiting to hear more about the west end of the island. That is the area where we stay. The strand is still flooded with over 4 feet of water. I found a live webcam of Galveston. The pictures were from yesterday before the Ike hit.

This is the Strand, it would only give me part of the pic, but you can see how bad it was flooding before the hurricane hit.

Gulf Cam from the Commodore

Surf Cam from the Commodore

Here is some of the aftermath...

Thanks so much Ike.

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