Friday, August 22, 2008

Nastia was Robbed!

I have been out of town without internet and dying to blog about this! OK...Nastia Liukin was totally robbed! Did you see the uneven bar competition? Nastia and He Kexin (the supposed 16 year old from China, right.) both scored 16.725 which tied them for first. This called for a tiebreaker, which was a bunch of crap! In this procedure there are six judges who judge each competitor on a scale of 1-10. When all six scores are finalised, the highest and lowest are eliminated and the remaining four are averaged. The first tiebreaking procedure is determined by the execution score. Since Liukin and Kexin tied with a score of 9.025, the second tiebreak was required to determine a winner. In this event, the lowest score given to each competitor is dropped. When the next lowest scores are deducted, the following happens to the averages. Nastia Liukin 9.033 He Kexin 9.066
Which means Nastia receives the silver medal.

Nastia clearly had the better performance! These judges have no idea what they are doing! Even the announcers were stunned! I can't get over it, she deserved the gold medal. It's very disappointing.

Also!! I just discovered that you can have alerts sent to your phone and email when events you are interested in watching are about to come on! Why did I not find this sooner, there are only 2 days left!

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Mandi said...

YAWN... =) sometime between now and 2012 we're gonna have to stop being friends. lol.