Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Heart the Olympics!

I know some yall think I'm obsessed, but how can you not watch the Olympics?! I love watching the swimming, gymnastics, & diving. I want to watch the synchronized swimming, but it doesn't start until Monday.
The girls should be so proud of their silver medal. They did a great job! I feel sorry for Alicia Sacramone. You could tell how upset she was, I think she was in shock. I hope she doesn't think they didn't get the gold because of her. Everyone did their best, that's all that matters =)
Can you believe Michael Phelps! He is doing awesome! It gives me anxiety just watching him!

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Mandi said...

you are out of control! olympics 2012.. two house.. because mama has to watch the olympics and can't take care of you. =) HA!